Linda Ness Photography

Here, you can purchase my photographic images printed to decorate your living spaces.

My work has water at its center piece, and Africa at its heart. 

Because it's hard to choose sometimes, or you want something to be a bit different, I'd love you to ask so just give me a call!

About Linda

Linda Ness

As a younster I travelled extensively, camera in hand. Budgets were slim. Treasured 35mm slide film rolls, wrapped in wet towels through deserts, foil skins through archaic airport X-ray conveyors, dry-bags down raging rivers. Rationed . 

Modern imaging and camera tech has literally exploded into fountains of creative opportunity, particularly in the water where I spend most of my free time.

My own love of making images continues to take me to places that are inspiring in nature, they are sometimes hard to get to and often physically demanding. My mission is to showcase how beautiful the natural world is, and I am grateful to be able.

Slow down, take time to browse, you may find an image that you love here.

Printing, Location and Delivery

All our printing is carried out by our favourite print shop Fotomax in Durban, South Africa.

Our website does not accomodate orders and deliveries outside of South Africa, but hey guys, it's me - and I'll make a plan. If you want digital or really want me to ship beautiful products to you in far off places I will - you need to reach out to and let's talk!

The fine art products are printed on Innova Soft White Cotton 280gms, which is a museum quality paper made with 25% cotton linters, featuring a natural white finish and slightly textured surface. This is an indoor product. Prints are supplied rolled up, packaged in brown paper – simply take them to your favourite framing gallery and get them framed as you like.

The stretched canvas products are printed on a production canvas, with a 10 year life. The canvas prints are coated with a protective coating to extend the life of the canvas print as standard, and the edges include 5cm of bleed around for stretching with a reflection printed margin so that the turn downed edges are continuous with the picture and not a plain colour. This is an indoor product. Prints are supplied rolled up, packaged in brown paper – simply take them to your favourite framing gallery and get them stretched onto a frame.

I have discovered printing onto aluminium composite sheet. The material I use is a composite, recyclable sheet made of a sandwich of two 0,3mm aluminium sheets with a solid 4mm polyethelene core. It’s beautifully thin, flat and great for digital printing.

The print has no edging and we will bod a 20mm U-bar frame inset on the back for hanging on the wall, so that the print sit thin, and proud of the wall. The inks used are UV resistant.

I recommend all the Pelagic images in my shop be printed onto horizontally brushed sheet, this gives the print an unbelievable depth and the brush changes with the lighting onto the image. There are matt and gloss options, each of which has it’s own effect and I’m very happy to advise you on the right choice. 

Wallpaper is very possible, take an image you love and splash it on an entire wall, you just have to enquire and we will purpose design for you.